From a Facebook Follower: “..Don’t miss out – the Salon Concerts are always terrific!..” #irishmusic


Note: This is the poster from February 2014!  They return in January 2016!

“SAVE THE DATE: We first ran into these wonderful players in the studio of WPNA for a Mike O’Connor Show broadcast – and they’ve also played our local The Corrib. Don’t miss out – the Salon Concerts are always terrific. In addition to being brilliant players, Sheila, Frank and Patrick will have a great time with each other and with the audience. Make sure to be a part of it….” – HNS St. Patrick’s Party Facebook Page




Next Salon Concert: Sheila Doorley, Frank Quinn and Pat Quinn! 01/08/15 #irishmusic

Our next Salon Concert is January 8, 2015 with Sheila Doorley, Frank Quinn and Patrick Quinn in the Fifth Province at the Irish American Heritage Center. Admission is $15 and children 18 and under are free. We will post here when the Ticket Link is up! Here is a nice video of herself and Chris Bain at the Fleadh in Ireland in 2005 with the reels Father Newman’s and John Brady’s:

Revisiting great shows: Conneely & Munnelly 2013 #irishmusic #IAHC

After seventeen Salon Concerts Chicago concerts, we are going to revisit the fantastic musicians that shared their music with us. First up, the show that inspired us to launch the series, Mick Conneely & David Munnelly! Here is a nice video from New Hampshire when they were on tour in 2013!

Recap of Salon Concert: John Daly and John Shine 11/06/15 #irishmusic


The Salon Concerts Chicago​ Series presented its seventeenth concert Friday night, November 6th, featuring fiddler John Daly of Burnfort, Mallow, County Cork and local fiddler and piano accompanist John Shine.

Longtime Irish American Heritage Center​ members may recall that Daly was a former Executive Director of the IAHC. He was also a very active member of the traditional music scene on Chicago’s north side for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s before moving back to Ireland.

John played a number of selections from his self-titled CD, published in 2003, which drew on his influences, a mixture of styles heavily influenced by fiddle greats like Sean Maguire, Willie Hunter, Michael Coleman, Andy McGann, and Lad O’Beirne. John’s fine, strong tone was never impeded his rock solid, unwavering rhythm, his bowing by turns long, or short and choppy as the tunes demanded, his left hand executing detailed ornaments or simply wringing out a bit of vibrato with aplomb. Favorites included the Ed Reavey composition, “Love At the Endings,” Liz Carroll’s jig, “Princess Nancy,” and fine old traditional tunes like “DeVanney’s Goat,” “The Broken Pledge,” and others. His airs playing remains as exquisite as ever, notably “Love O’ The Isles,” a standout from his 2003 recording.

Throughout the performance, John was expertly accompanied on piano by Chicagoan John Shine , who also recorded along with several other accompanists on John’s CD. Shine’s accompaniment exuded a warmth and sensitivity for the material, never becoming monotonous despite the rhythmic demands of accompanying dance music. He varied his harmonies, chord voicings, and dynamics to allow the melodies room to breathe yet never lost the pulse.

After the conclusion of their set, both Johns were joined by local musicians Chris Bain, Brendan McKinney, Marta Cook, and others for a spontaneous session.

The Salon Concert Series is dedicated to presenting the finest artists in Irish traditional music in a family-friendly, polite listening environment. The concert series is also dedicated to creating and sustaining a knowledgeable audience, and nurturing young musicians by providing them with performance opportunities.

To further these ends, children and teens 18 and under receive free admission and the concerts always open with brief performances by young people from the Academy of Irish Music​ Young Group and Performing Group.