Bill O’Donoghue stops by ahead of this upcoming Salon Concert on September 11th! #irishmusic


Tonight on Windy City Irish Radio the lads tell you why you can thank the Irish for your nice long Labor Day holiday weekend! Twas a Maguire as in Peter or a Maguire as in Matthew, depending on who you ask, who started the movement for the Labor Day celebration and the Irish have made a huge contribution to the Labor Movement in this country with names such as Mary Harris “Mother” Jones and Mike Quill playing a part. Tune in for tributes to the working man from Luke Kelly Music and Shane MacGowan and a live in-studio performance from local Irish folk music troubador Bill O’Donoghue in advance of his appearance as part of the famed Salon Concerts Chicago at the Irish American Heritage Center with Larry Nugent. Also featuring music from Dublin folkers The Led Farmers, Luka Bloom, and Anish plus a brand new single from Andy Cooney and His Band. Join Mike Shevlin and Tim Taylor each Wednesday night on WSBC 1240AM Chicago and WCFJ 1470AM Chicago Heights from 8pm to 9pm or listen to our podcast at





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