Salon Concerts is proud to present Morga 08/12/15 @iahchicago #irishmusic



The Salon Concert Series is proud to present Mórga for an evening of traditional Irish music this August.

Energy, passion, respect, and fun are four words that sum up the musical mission statement behind Mórga. The group is four friends; virtuoso musicians, on a mission to bring together the wild energy of the Irish-American dance bands of the roaring ’20s, the sound of the Irish traditional music revival of of the 1970s, and the excitement of the best pub session imaginable.

Growing out of the rich Galway music scene, a shared passion for old and lively traditional music drew the band members together. Mórga (Irish for majestic) was formed in 2008, and the band released their self-titled debut album in 2009 to critical acclaim.

Since then Mórga has toured extensively, appearing at highly respected festivals throughout Ireland and Europe, most recently a five week tour of Germany, in addition to appearing several times on Irish television and radio.

Morga is Dominic Keogh on bodhran, Danny Diamond on fiddle, David Munnelly on accordion and Jonas Fromseier on banjo and bouzouki.

Mórga is Wednesday, August 12 at 8pm. The Academy of Irish Music Young Musicians and Performance Group will open the show. Tickets are $15 and children 18 and under are free. Tickets can be purchased by calling 773-282-7035, ext. 10 or at the door.



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