Avondale Restaurant Crawl – with @AcademyOfIrishMus #irishmusic June 3, 2015


The Academy of Irish Music has opened for many Salon Concerts, now they foray into the Avondale Restaurant Crawl on June 3rd!  Here is more information about it below:

It’s the 2015 Avondale Restaurant Crawl! Come dine in some of Avondale’s finest while being entertained by some of the most prominent acts on the Nothwest Side.

This year we have a fabulous culinary participants, including Beer Temple, Burger King, Cheif O’Neill’s, Dragon Lady Lounge, Fruit Paradise, Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Orbit Room, Parachute, Pork Shoppe, Square Bar, Taqueria Trespasada.

Live entertainment will be provided by Four Star Brass Band, Stann Champion (host of radio show Roots Rock Society), the Irish Theatre of Chicago, Shakespeare All-Stars, Marianne & The Imaginary Band, Sit Means Sit dog training demonstrations, Sway Dance, Anthony Whitaker, Academy of Irish Music, Kara Cavanaugh, caricature portaits by Renee Rolewicz, and a bit of Avondale history with Rob Reid.

Tickets are only $20 if you purchase before May 28 at the attached link or $25 at check in.



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