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Thanks to Good Morning Ireland Radio Show for support of the Salon Concert: Jamie O’Reilly & Michael Smith #irishmusic 09/26/14 8pm, $15 Irish American Heritage Center Tickets:


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Thanks to Windy City Irish Radio for all their ongoing support of the Salon Concerts Chicago Series.. you can hear more here on their podcast: “Ballad singer, songwriter, poet, performer & entrepreneur, Jamie O’Reilly, stops in to promote her upcoming appearances at the Irish American Heritage Centerfor her September 26th Salon Concert Series, “Songs of a Catholic Childhood”

Next Salon Concert September 26, 2014 “Songs of a Catholic Childhood”

The IAHC Salon Concert Series presents Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith in “Songs of a Catholic Childhood” this fall.

From Chicago’s beloved folk duo comes a liberating musical journey, Songs of a Catholic Childhood, with odes to the Virgin Mary, Latin hymns, folk-mass songs, popular songs and music from the movies from 1936-1970s and original songs by Smith and O’Reilly.

In solos and duets, Smith and O’Reilly perform a winning group of songs, and talk about life in parochial schools during their “formative” years: His ; as the eldest of 6, in the working class Irish/Italian neighborhoods of post-WWII New Jersey, in the ’40s, and ’50s. Hers ; as the 4th-girl-in-the-middle of a family of 14 kids, in a small Illinois town during the post-Vatican II, Baby-Boom era of the ’60s and ’70s.

In the course of their 20-year musical partnership, O’Reilly and Smith have created powerful theatrical productions: Pasiones, Hello Dali, Gift of the Magi, Scarlet Confessions, Songs of the Kerry Madwoman.

What people are saying about Songs:

“Gorgeous, glorious, heart-breaking/warming/stopping, tears of laughter and sorrow performance last night! Would not have missed it for the world. So many, many memories Thank you and Michael for your beautiful voices, music, and souls.” – B. Bremner, Theater Director, Playwright

“This Sunday afternoon at Chief O’Neill’s was a real palate cleanser. The fine restaurant and pub was wonderful venue for celebrated songwriter, singer, guitarist and unapologetic Catholic Michael Smith and songstress Ms. Jamie O’Reilly. The songs and tone itself was a celebration of Catholic experience, especially those of us who remember pre-Vatican II. May Crownings, Christmas memories and sweet classroom moments were celebrated in songs adapted or written by O’Reilly and Smith. Together Smith and O’Reilly have created a two-hour song tribute to the American Catholic Experience. This is not a nun-bashing, priest eviscerating abattoir, but a banquet of sacred and touching memory of Catholic Childhood.” -Pat Hickey, Blogger

View this clip of Michael Smith performing one of the songs from the show, “Sister Clarissa”.

“Songs of a Catholic Childhood” is Friday, September 26 at 8pm, Tickets are $15 and the show is not recommended for children under 13.